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RFID Weapons Management

New advancements from SkyRFID with Gen 2 technology break down the barriers to successful, reliable, weapons tracking implimentation. Many organizations have tried to monitor and control weapons using RFID tags. Unfortunately due to a wide variety of reasons most projects were unsuccessful.

SkyRFID has changed this with our weapons tags, an entire line of tags dedicated to assisting law enforcement and armed forces accurately manage their armouries with real-time inventory. Developed specifically to withstand the unique strains of being mounting on a weapon or being embedding in a weapon.

We have numerous shapes and sizes that can be permanently attached to a weapon and then controlled from issuance to disposal via RFID readers. This makes all of the Bar Code and manual data entry errors disappear, giving 100% accuracy of who took which weapon(s), when they were taken, and when they were returned with RFID on your weapons.

accurately manage armouries with real-time inventory

SkyRFID ceramic tags are able to withstand major temperature changes and harsh environments while attached to handguns, rifles, shotguns and other smaller weapons. These tags operate between -40 ~ 150°C (-40 ~ 302°F) and can tolerate up to 230°C (446°F) in storage. Be sure to get tags that handles your entire required temperature range so that they are not managed in the feild.

Our weapons tags are designed to handle the heat, the dust, the vibration, the shock, and the chemicals and solvents used to clean weapons - built to last longer than the weapon does.

For expedited deployment, we now offer complete Armoury Management systems through our sister company, CloudCollected. SkyRFID provides you with an end to end high security solution for your weapons and accessories. Equipt with high security Biometric Access Controls on the armoury entrance. Software for tracking weapons from the moment they arrive at the armory, to the time they are finally disposed off. The solution also allows you to track for new weapons, which weapons are aging, gear and accessories, repairs & maintenance, transfers between different locations and more.

SkyRFID Weapons Rack 2
SkyRFID Military Case 3 W.jpg

Military Trackable Cases

When you need to take multiple weapons out to another location, SkyRFID military trackable cases ensure all your weapons and other high value assets get to where they are supposed to go, intact and on time for when they are needed. When finished, you simply pack them back into the trackable cases and back to the armoury they go for testing, cleaning and other maintenance.

SkyRFID HandGun1 Weapons W.jpg                              SkyRFID HandGun3 Weapons W.jpg                                 Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum

Sky Super Tiny Weapons TagWhen you need a very small and thin weapons tag so that it will fit inside the handgrips of Sig Sauer's, Colts, Beretta's, Browing's, Mr. Smith & Wesson, and other semi automatic or machine pistols, then this is the tag you need.  Our Super Tiny Weapon Tag SKYT960H3049W is a TINY 12 mm x 7 mm x 1.2 mm in size making it the smallest metal mount tag available. Alien Higgs3 IC and 512 bits of user memory provide a read distance of 50 cm when attached to steel and read with a SkyRFID hand held reader - use one on each side of the magazine for full RFID security and control.



 When mounting a tag on the outside of a lower receiver or on a scope or night optics - the Super Tiny Tag Cased - SKYT960H3050W is the tag you want to use.




 With a super low profile of 1 mm and an overall size of 30 mm x 10 mm our SKYT960H3111W Glass Resin Super Thin Tag  was  designed to fit on many weapons lower receiver and also on accessories with a read distance of 50 cm using a SKY hand Held reader.



When you want a longer read range and you don't want the tag to snag on anything SkyRFID provides a Glass Resing Thin Bevelled Tag SKYT960H3110W  that will give you an entended read range of 85+cm using our Hand Held readers.



SkYRFID 24.5 x 9 x 2.5 Weapons Tag


If you happen to have a little more room inside the grips then you can use our 24.5 x 9 x 2.5 mm Small Glass Resin Core Weapon Tag.  Higgs3 for 512 bits memory and a read distance of 50 cm or more inside a grip, this tag is prefect for use. Specially designed to be used in a verticval postion for maximum read distance this tag can also be used in other weapons that need a very small tag and a good read distance.



SkyRFID 36 x 13 x 2.7 PCB Weapons Tag


If you can spare even a little more room then this 36 mm x 13 mm x 2.7 mm Medium Resin Core Weapons Tag is what you need.  With a read distance of 1.5 meters using our SkyRFID hand held reader and attached to heavy metal this tag provides very huigh performance.  If the area gets hot - this tag is perfect as it will handle 200 °C without any problems!.    


SkyRFID also provides specialized tags for Scopes, Night Optics, Uniforms and Body Armour made to meed your needs, long lasting and high quality.


SKYT960H3099_A_Back_of_Body_Arrmor_TagThe back of a Sky Body armor tag can contain a bar code and a human readable so it is easy to implement the tag.  Sky_Body_Armour

The front of the tag ca be exact color match to the body armour or with your logo SKYT960H3099_Body_Armor_Tag


When you want to ensure all uniforms hats and other clothing items are accounted for you can easily use the super fliexible SKYT960M4098U Uniform tag.SKYT960M4098U_Fabric_Soft_Tag_For_Uniforms This super thin super flexible tag can be ironed into any seam and withstand all the vigours of commercial washers, extractors and dryers.


SkyRFID Metal mount super mini 16 x 12 x 4 tag W.jpgSkyRFID UHF Gen 2 Super Mini Metal Tag is the smallest of our Metal Mount Tags perfect for Weapons. Patented and ceramic this tag is perfect for very small places to conceal tags within the weapon.  Two sizes are available - our regular size 16 mm x 12 mm x 4 mm and coming soon - 15 mm x 11 mm x 3 mm- and of course they are waterproof and can withstand chemical and solvents used for cleaning weapons. These tags can be read with a fixed reader at almost 2 meters distance.  

Mini Metal Special Tag.jpg SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 Mini Metal Special Tag with Higgs3 IC and 512 bits user memory is just 25 mm x 12 mm x 3 mm in size.  Built using a patented technique and a ceramic encapsulation, this hardy tag can withstand repeated abuse, be read at extreme temperatures from -40° C ~ 150°C (-40°F to 334°F), has excellent chemical resistance, and of course is fully waterproof!    This small tag makes an excellent choice for attaching directly to metal objects with a read distance of up to 2 meters or 6.56 feet in ideal conditions and is very light at 2g in weight.

SkyRFID Mini Metal Special Tag Higgs3 SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 Mini Metal Special Tag Higgs3. This tag is the same size as our Mini Metal Special Tag and identical in other properties but has a much better read distance (+40% ) due to the Higgs3 inlay. Another benefit of the Higgs3 inlay is that the Gen 2 EPC of 96 bits can be enhanced to 480 bits - this chip has 800 bits of memory and comes preprogrammed with a Unique Unalterable 64 bit Serial Number - perfect for identification and control. For existing bar code systems we can also supply a bar code that is preprogrammed to the Unique Serial Number!

Both of these tags are easily attached to any small weapons such as pistols and other handguns, rifles, shotguns, RPGlaunchers, bazookas, machine pistols, machineguns, and most other hand held weapons.


      SkyRFID Military Case 2 W.jpg   SkyRFID Automtic Rifle 2 W.jpg   SkYRFID HandGun4 Weapons Web.jpg

For those kinds of weapons that have special thermoplastics or other materials that are not metalic and you need a longer read range we have an excellent polycarbonate glass re-enforced tag.SkyRFID Weapons Rack 3

SkyRFID Multi Purpose PCB Tag Higgs3 While this Higgs3 IC tag is slightly larger at 33 mm x 9.4 mm x 3.3 mm, its lighter weight of 2 g and a hole for mounting make this tag an excellent choice for when you need a small form factor and a longer read distance.  Temperature range is -40°C to 120°C making it very suitable for most rugged applications.  And for existing systems we can also have a bar code printed on the tag for ease of implementation.  Since this is also a Higgs3 IC we also have the 64 bit Unique Unalterable Serial Number. You can still mount this tag onto a metal surface as it is a mount on metal tag!


Mini Metal Tag

 For a long read distance of 4 or more meters and a small form factor, this tag of 28 mm x 28 mm x 4 mm is perfect for use.  Epoxy mount to the side of a weapon and then cover it with paint to conceal the tag it will blend right into the weapon and not look like a tag attached.




Mini Metal Tag UV

Also available in a thinner form factor of 25 mm x 25 mm x 3 mm is an uncased version of our mini metal tag.  Same read distance just a slimmer and harder tag as the larger tag is coated with a hard plastic material and this tag is pure ceramic.  Both tags have the same read distance of more than 4 meters when attached to metal.  


Mini Metal High Temp Tag When you absolutely need a high temperature tag that you can embed into a metal part of a weapon - this is your tag!  At 19 mm wide x 23.5 mm long and 4 mm thick, this tag weighs only 5 g and is designed to be embedded into metal for its best read rate of up to 2 meters or 6.56 feet.  AND - the tag is designed to handle up to 200°C or 392°F in temperature and still work!  Attaching this tag is easy - you can simply use the self adhesive strip attached to the tag - it does handle the entire temperature range or you can epoxy the tag in with high heat epoxy compound.  Your choice!  It is very easy to just route out a little metal and place the tag inside the routed area for a perfect fit.



SkyRFID UHF High Temp Metal Mount Tag W.jpg When you need to tag something big and you need to make it last under high temperature - this tag is what you want.  40 mm x 32 mm x 8 mm and managing a hot temperature of 250°C  this tags works extremely well when embedded or simply mounted on metal.  With a read distance of over 3 meters using a fixed reder makes it easy to find in a hurry.



SKYRFID UHF Metal Mount Tag Heavy Duty Higgs3 For big weapons and long read distances you can use this Higgs3 IC heavy duty metal mount tag.  Designed to handle harsh and abusive environments, totally waterproof to 42 meters or 138 feet - a great tag for those bigger items in your arsenal! Sized at 115.3 mm  x 25.8 mm x 15.8 mm (5.08" x 1.005" x .525"),  and can handle temperatures from -40° to 125°C (257°F).  With a read distance of up to 9 meters (29.52 feet) or more when attached to metal this tag is perfect for taking inventory management to a whole new level of accuracy.    


 SkyRFID does have other larger tags available to handle bigger items and providing longer read ranges - check out our other Metal Mount Gen 2 Tags 

While SkyRFID does have a wide range of fixed readers that can be used to automatically read weapons coming in and out of a facility, here is one superb portable that can also be used.


SkyRFID Military Quality UHF 900 ReaderThis state of the art PDA RFID Gen 2 reader writer comes equipped with an external patch antenna for long distance reading and writing.  In addition, this reader can also be equipped with GPS - so you know where you are when you are reading a weapons tag and also GSM/GPRS so you can connect in real time with your database for on line verification!

The unit operates on Windows Mobile O/S and can be configured for most countries and regions in the world.  You can have both UHF and HF in the same unit and read and write tags in both frequencies.  Additional options are a Camera, Bluetooth and many accessories and charging devices.


SkyRFID Military Case 1