RFID Weapons Tracking System

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RFID Weapons Management

We are reducing the barriers to successful and reliable weapons tracking by overcoming limitations typically encountered with placing tracking chips in weapons and cases..

Obtaining a reliable read from an RFID chip is difficult in weapons due to the metal content and stress the tag must endure. SkyRFID weapons tags are developed specifically to withstand such stress as heat, dust, vibration, shock, in addition to the chemical / solvent cleaners used with weapons. Our dedication to the safe use of firearms means assisting ranch owners, security teams, law enforcement and armed forces globally to accurately manage their armories with real-time inventory. These tags are built to last as long as your weapons..

accurately manage armories with real-time inventory

We have numerous tag shapes and sizes that can be permanently attached or embedded into a weapon, controlling its use from issuance to disposal. RFID weapons management eliminate both Bar Code and manual data entry errors, giving 100% accurate records of who obtained which weapon(s), when they were obtained, and when they were returned..

Weapons tags operate between -40°C ~ 150°C ( -40°F ~ 302°F) and can tolerate up to 230°C (446°F) in storage. Be sure to get tag solutions that handle your entire required temperature range so that they are not damaged during use..

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Super Thin Weapons Tag(Actual Size)

Super Thin Weapons Tag

Designed to work with the widest assortment of weapons possible, these tags are only 1 mm (0.039 inches) thick and blend into the surface of most firearms and accessories.

Providing a read range of 50 cm (20 inches) using a hand-held reader, these tags significantly simplify the check-in/check-out process of weapons.

Super Tiny Weapons Tag(Enlarged)

Super Tiny Weapons Tag

Our Super Tiny Weapons Tag was created in collaboration with several weapons manufactures, allowing them to be making them maintain concealment on or in many firearms.

Available in metallic weapon standard range, metallic weapon extended range, composite weapon standard range, and composite weapon extended range varieties. The extended range options offer 2X-3X longer read distances than the standard tags.

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Military Grade Trackable Cases

When you need to take multiple weapons out to another location, SkyRFID military trackable cases ensure all your weapons and other high value assets get to where they are supposed to go, intact and on time.

With multiple solutions ranging from simple lockout containers, to complex systems tracking chips in guns while in-transit to ensure they are not tampered with. SkyRFID is committed to not only leveraging, but pioneering the newest technology available.

In-transit information recorded by the higher end systems can be stored for later upload, or reported as it happens via satellite or cellular data into the RFID weapons tracking system.

When finished, you simply pack everything back into the track-able cases and back to the armoury they go for testing, cleaning and other maintenance.

Automated Check-in/Check-out Software

For expedited deployment, we offer complete armory management systems . Complete with high security Palm Vein and Iris biometric access controls on armory entrances, these customized solutions provide end to end security for your weapons and accessories.

The software tracks each weapon from the moment they arrive at the armory. From this point on biometric and ID badge data is cross checked with inventory to automatically record who has taken what fire arms and accessories, ammunition included. The weapons tracking system also allows you to track new weapons arrival, weapon and body armor aging/retirement, repairs & maintenance logs, transfers between different locations and more.

From the tracking chip for weapons, to RFID readers, antennas, cabling, it's all included and per-configured for each location before being sent to you. More information is available by contacting us using the form below. 

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