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Multi-faceted Dynamic Asset Management gives you the capability to manage your assets within a single application. Assets can be local, remote, mobile, stationary, live, inanimate, above ground, below ground, or in the air. SkyRFID provides seamless solutions with MTConnect and omlox global interconnectivity for RFID, RTLS, WiFi, IoT, Sensor, Bluetooth, GSM,GPRS, HSPDA+, SAT, and more to Dynamically Manage Your Assets- in Real Time with access via any secured web browser.

While Minimum Order Quantities "MOQ" are needed for some items SkyRFID can provide custom RFID tags, readers, antennas,  Sensor and IoT solutions loaded with your personalized firmware, that meet your project needs. Hardware can be FCC / ETSI or both certified for OEM's. Solutions can be for single sites or enterprise/country wide.

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Using RFID to Secure Assets

Using RFID to Track Assets


RFID Does Work

RFID is not a single technology. There are many different types of RFID with different characteristics and abilities.
SkyRFID commonly works with the 7 ISM band RFID technologies, providing the technology best suited for your needs.

NFC and MiFare RFID cards (tags)

Near Touch Technologies

Used for access control, prepaid tickets, and industrial applications like automated verification.

13.56 MHz

High Frequency

Proximity≤ 4cm (1.6")
Near-Field Communication (NFC)
ISO 14443A
ISO 14443B
ISO 7816-4

Vicinity≥ 10 cm (4")
ISO 15693
ISO 18000-3

EPC 860MHz - 960MHz and 433MHz RFID logistics system

Mid-Range Technologies

These technologies have a range of up to 25 meters and the ability to embed additional information within the tags.

860 MHz ~ 960 MHz  

Ultra High Frequency

(EPC) UHF Gen 2

ISO 18000-6B
ISO 18000-6C

2.4GHz - WiFi RFID vehicle tracking

Long Range Technologies

Designed to be used from >1m to several kilometers away. Sensors can be added to provide greater benefit.

433 MHz Active

Ultra High Frequency RFID

ISO 18000-7

We have been providing integrated data-capture and automated technology solutions for over 30 years.