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RFID for Vehicles

Decades ago the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) was implemented on each vehicle manufactured in order to track the vehicle through manufacturing, quality control, adding options and customizations and then later on tracking the VIN to the dealerships and finally to the end user. Since it started in the mid 50's - by the 80's it was standardized in the US to be 17 digits for all vehicles in the USA.

While this concept is excellent for managing vehicles for warranty work, repair work, accident repairs, recall notifications, there has been little effort placed on making the process more manageable to use the VIN number easily.

Originally all VIN numbers were manually read by a person who wrote the huge number down on a piece of paper.  Then bar coded VIN numbers became popular and people would take bar code scanners and scan the VIN bar code to get the vehicle ID number at the service centers, dealerships, container ports, etc. SkyRFID VIN - Vehicle Identification Number

So now we have moved from manually reading a 17 digit number to scanning the 17 digit number.  In more than 50 years we are still slow and we still need people to go around and read VIN numbers!

Today if you want to be ahead of the game, provide enhanced customer service and support and be able to "See" what vehicles are on a dealership lot, what is coming into the lot, what is going off the lot - if you don't hire a bunch of people to manually track this you need the SkyRFID active tag solution!  

SkyRFID 433 MHz Vehicle Tag

 SkyRFID Auto Manufacturing

Starting with the manufacturing process vehicles can be equipped with Sky 433 active tags for long range tracking – 500 to 1000 meters or more! (1500 to 3000 feet) with a single antenna. 

                                                                   SkyRFID UHF Short Range Whip Antenna                      SkyRFID UHF Yagi Antenna

Then you can add more reader antenna combinations and zone the lots or even triangulate so that you know where each vehicle is at any time – in real time from any computer screen that you can access.

 SkyRFID Manufacturing Car Lot

Sky partners provide a graphical user interface so that you can visually detail your facility and its departments, parking spaces, etc. and then with Sky 433 hardware you can track vehicles coming into the lot and going off the lot at any time. 

If by chance someone tries to steal a vehicle – then you can get an automated SMS message as it is happening and alert the authorities right away – not hours later.

Yes the tags are small, relatively inexpensive and last for 5 years without replacing – which in most places is enough to manage the entire warranty process.



If you don’t like the 433 really long distance offerings from the Sky – we can also provide an alternate 916 MHz for shorter read distance at similar pricing.

Email us today for your vehicle needs – enhance your customer service and support quickly, seamlessly and affordably.  Be able to greet your best customers as soon as they come on the lot – you don’t have to know they are coming, your system can alert you when they are almost on the lot and also where they are going on your lot.  Really great to greet them!



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SkyRFID Automated Vehicle Identification Coverage from Manufacturing through to the scrap pile

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