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RFID for Vehicles

Today customers are demanding a better experience, higher quality, and faster results. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) was introduced in 1954, and standardized in 1981. Since then not a lot has improved in our ability to track a vehicle through manufacturing, resale and maintenance.

50 years after its invention we still have people physically walking around to read VIN numbers!

By leveraging RFID to identify vehicles you can quickly and accurately assess its location and credentials, providing essential services such as vehicle parking safety and gate security.


Using RFID Tag In Car To Automate

Passive RFID works up to 20 meters (65 feet).

These tags are commonly used for vehicle access control, fuel dispensing, border crossing identification, vehicle inventory, fleet management, and more. Due to the amount of metal and glass, line of sight is needed to read a passive vehicle tag which is usually affixed to the vehicle windshield or hung from the vehicle rear view mirror. Virtually any need to accurately monitor the identity of a vehicle within a short range, at speeds under 150 Km/h (93 MPH),  providing excellent performance while managing costs.

Active RFID is detectable 2 KM+ (1.24+ miles) away.

These tags can be concealed on the vehicle as there is no need for line of sight for them to work. In addition to the longer distance, they also correctly detect at speeds over 650 Km/H (400 MPH) from any angle, instead of only in front of the vehicle like passive tags. SkyRFID successfully deployed the active tag technology with airborne helicopters and small aircraft to achieve even greater distances to locate equipment on oil fields, large construction sites, ranches, military training grounds and city/emergency vehicle fleets. SkyRFID active tag solution uses high security synchronous (symmetric) encryption, pairing the tags and readers for your unique deployment. No other 433 system will be able to read your tags, and no other system's noise will interfere with your readability.

SkyRFID Long Range Vehicle Tag

Long range 433MHz active RFID tag. Can be hidden anywhere on the vehicle.

Using RFID To Control Parking and Security Gates

SkyRFID Mid-Range Passive RFID Tags

Passive RFID tags. Ideal for gate control and other line of sight applications

For secure vehicle authorization into your facilty, SkyRFID passive UHF integrated fixed readers can be deployed at each entrance and exit of the facility. Our IP65 watertight certified midrange integrated reader is successfully used throughout the world in almost every climate imaginable. It's our most common deployment due to it's reasonable 12 meter (40 foot) long read distance when used with SkyRFID Windshield tags. Since 12 meters may be too short or too long of a read distance,  SkyRFID also supplies a short or long range integrated reader.

Requiring only 12 volts of DC power, all of our readers are able to operate properly with the included AC convertor or may be battery/solar powered in areas where there is no power supply or the power supply is unreliable..

Rear view mirror hang tags offer a basic level of authorization that can be moved between vehicles. These tags contain unique unalterable serial number and use unique SkyRFID encoding and security protection to ensure the tag cannot be duplicated. Printed with your logo or graphics, they come in small and large sizes.

Adhesive windshield tags provide a higher level of security since the tag stays with the vehicle. Affixed on the inside of the windshield by the driver, these tags do not come off easily. Tags may include special destruction slits to make the tag unusable if removed/tampered with. Available in narrow and wide read variations depending on your application requirements. All of these tags are approximately 100 mm x 25 mm or 4” x 1” in size making them perfect for inside windshield mounting applications..

Turn-Key and Advanced Setups

In the case of trucks or tractors that also pull trailers, each tractor and trailer can be fitted with their own asset tags. This allows each tractor-trailer combination to be identified for full visibility into resource utilization and facility grounds operation. When drivers also carry ID badges a complete picture of who is driving what vehicle, with what assets, and when/where that vehicle entered/exited the lot. Security guards at high security facilities can also use this information to verify vehicle occupancy and contents to ensure nothing that should not leave, does not leave.

Fully configured turnkey solutions are available directly from SkyRFID.  From a single entrance-exit to national distribution complexes, everything can be managed from a single user interface. All gate transactions are reported with date and time stamp and gate number in the back office. The SkyRFID back office application has full control over authorization, and can limit access be vehicle, driver, gate or day and time. Reports can be generated and filtered by date, time, daily, and monthly vehicle access. Reports for vehicles still available in the yard, average number of vehicles per day, vehicle utilization, average number of entrances and exits per day, and enhanced granular reporting capabilities.

Parking Control Systems & Security Gates

RFID controlled commercial gate on high security facilty

Tamper-Evident Destructible Windshield Tag

This tag provides a longer read distance with a larger read zone than any competing tag, and work with the metallic windshields on new vehicles, something other tags cannot do..

Our special high-tack adhesive sets in minutes instead of hours and includes UV protection for a longer tag life. The tags material is extremely destructible and notched in a specific pattern causing it to peel off in tiny unusable pieces. This has made it a popular choice for vehicle registration, fueling, tolling, border crossing, parking, fleet management, and vehicle warranty systems.

All projects are printed with your logo, include 100% sequential numbers and are available with or without a bar code.

Destructible Tamper-Evident Windshield Tag
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