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Personnel Tracking

One of the biggest uses of RFID is to keep people safe. We have assisted with projects including protecting elementary school children against kidnapping by only releasing the child to people and vehicle combinations which match the childs ID. We've also helped hospitals improve accessibility and security by using personnel identification to leave doors unlocked. This let visitors easily enter the facility, but prevented patients from wandering.

A large number of deployments also ensure the safety of staff and first responders by not only providing a record of who and how many people are in a building, but where they are. Helping get everyone out of dangerous situations faster. Less dangerous but equally important is monitoring the safety and efficiency of staff in warehouses and similar situations.

Track Access

Fleet Management

Keeping track of which fleet vehicles are in which yard, and where your specialized equipment is can be the difference between a 5 minute service call, and a 2 hour downtime.

With specialized solutions designed for the needs of EMTs, Police, Fire and unitiy maintainers you can rest assured that SkyRFID has you covered.

We've also created a number of systems for organizations which transport high value items on a regular bases. These systems ensure that the correct vehicle, leaves with the expected staff, and the untampered cargo. These details can all be Verified once the shipment reaches it's destination so that you know the items were not altered in transit.

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Fleet Vehicles
Cold Supply Chain

 Cold Chain Solutions

Supply chain management for frozen and cold goods add an extra layer of complexity. We can make things a little bit easier. Helping you monitor the location and temperature of each pallet individually.

From raw product, through production and transportation. SkyRFID can ensure you're meeting regulatory and internal quality requirements from end-to-end. Whether you need one temperature reading per pallet, or one reading per item in each pallet. We have a solution which will meet your needs and get you up and running fast.

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