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DIY Solutions


We'll prepare a custom hardware solution based on your specifications.

This allows your team to integrate RFID capabilities into existing or custom software. We provide fully documented APIs and sample programs which can be referenced during coding and troubleshooting. We are happy to assist with any hardware based issues encountered, however we do not support software issues with DIY packages.

DIY Solutions



Fully supported plug-and-play solutions. Get your project up and running faster by having our experts tailor ready-made software solutions for your individual needs.

Hosted by our sister company Cloud Collected, these packages have been proven in production and are 100% guaranteed.

Custom RFID Reader, Antenna & Tag

Custom Solutions

As the preferred supplier for many installers and contractors, you can find SkyRFID hardware in over 100,000 businesses & private residences. Specialized in the development of custom RFID hardware and software, we provide full prototyping services at reasonable costs.

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Some of the services we provide are;

  • Needs Assessments,
  • Engineer designed RFID data collection systems in any or multiple RFID frequencies,
  • System implementation cost comparisons between different frequencies,
  • System prototyping and debugging,
  • System roll-out road-map,
  • Custom tag design and manufacturing - RFID Tag Design,
  • Database design for real time data collection,
  • Program design for local, web based and mobile solutions.

DIY Solutions

Building Access Control

Access Control

SkyRFID has a variety of solutions to fit any access control project. We've designed thousands of systems for personnel control and building security, which is one of the most common RFID examples. RFID is an excellent way to provide seemless access and high security to your tenants or staff.

Door Access Control | Elevator Limitation | Computer Login | Vehicle Authorization

Access Control Solutions

Gated Community Entrance

Parking Access & Gate Control

From gated communities in the united emirates, to solar powered gates on African ranches, and protecting high security facilities in the US; SkyRFID has the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the hardware you need to maximize your results. With adjustable options we can help retrofit an existing system for better performance or help you begin at square one.

Gated Community | High Security Facilities | Parking Garages | Industrial Gate Control | Agricultural Gate Control

Parking & Gate Solutions

RFID Animal Tag

Animal Tracking

The growing exchange of livestock internationally has lead to documentation standards to ensure the safety of the animals. Used across the US, Canada, Australia and much of Europe these standards require lineage, breeding and medical history. RFID tags provide an easy way to unique tracking each animal, and associated details.

Livestock Inventory & Health | Poacher Protection | Feed Control

Animal Solutions

We've Been Doing Real-Time Location Tracking

since 1991

Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Management

Keeping track of which fleet vehicles are in which yard, and where your specialized equipment is can be the difference between a 5 minute service call, and a 2 hour downtime. Ensure the correct vehicle leaves with the expected staff, and the cargo you know about. Verification details which are critical during investigations.

Dealership Vehicle Inventory | Delivery Vehicle Availability | Utility Truck & Supplies Management

Fleet Solutions

Cold Supply Chain

 Cold Chain Solutions

Supply chain management for frozen and cold goods add an extra layer of complexity. We can make things a little bit easier. Helping you monitor the location and temperature of each pallet individually.

From raw product, through production and transportation. SkyRFID can ensure you're meeting regulatory and internal quality requirements from end-to-end. Whether you need one temperature reading per pallet, or one reading per item in each pallet. We have a solution which will meet your needs and get you up and running fast.

Cold Chain Solutions

Gated Community Entrance

Personnel Tracking

One of the biggest uses of RFID is to keep people safe. RFID can keep school children and patients safe from wandering, and provide first responders with a list of who's in a building. It can also monitor the safety and efficiency of your staff with optional duress alerts. Gain insights and protect your most valuable asset.

Time & Attendance | Tour Group Management | Student Safety & Attendance | Duress and Out-of-Range Alerts

Safety & ID Badge Solutions

Weapon Tracking

Armoury & Weapons Management

Private and public institutions globally count on SkyRFID solutions to restrict access, prevent movement and secure transit of these important items. From real-time inventories of their facilities, tamper-proof storage and tags, silent alarms and building lock-downs. Whatever it takes to keep you in control.

Weapons & Accessory Tracking | Secure Tranport | Detailed Usage Logs

Weapons Solutions