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DIY Solutions


We'll prepare a custom hardware solution based on your specifications.

This allows your team to integrate RFID capabilities into existing or custom software. We provide fully documented APIs and sample programs which can be referenced during coding and troubleshooting. We are happy to assist with any hardware based issues encountered, however we do not support software issues with DIY packages.



Fully supported plug-and-play solutions. Get your project up and running faster by having our experts tailor ready-made software solutions for your individual needs.

Hosted by our sister company Cloud Collected, these packages have been proven in production and are guaranteed.


As the preferred supplier for many installers and contractors, you can find SkyRFID hardware in many parking garages & private residences.
If you'd like to work with SkyRFID please get in touch.

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Custom Equipment

SkyRFID Inc. can provide you and your company a full RFID system design and prototyping services at reasonable costs.

Some of the services we provide are;

  • Needs Assessments,
  • Engineer designed RFID data collection systems in any or multiple RFID frequencies,
  • System implementation cost comparisons between different frequencies,
  • System prototyping and debugging,
  • System roll-out road-map,
  • Custom tag design and manufacturing - RFID Tag Design,
  • Database design for real time data collection,
  • Program design for local, web based and mobile solutions.

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Custom RFID Reader, Antenna & Tag