Remote Location Management

- Controlling Access & Tracking Assets Of Remote Facilities -

Secure Remote Access Control

Monitoring when your remote locations are accessed, and by who, is becoming increasingly important to protecting your business against theft and vandalism.

RFID access control systems can be used together with traditional locks, or in place of traditional locks to provide each facility with the optimal level of protection. By tracking when the door is opened, and the ID badge of who opened it you can be alerted to situations where someone, especially someone without an ID badge, enters the facility so that appropriate actions can be taken.

From protecting water treatment facilities or Telecom connection points to your ranches gates and storage buildings, RFID can put you in control of your assets and liabilities.

Remote Location Management Access Control
Remote Location Management Inventory

Remote Facility Inventory

Protecting your inventory and tools at remote facilities can be done in many ways, but can divided into active monitoring, and passive monitoring.

Active monitoring would keep constantly check which items it seems at the facility and report when things change. This is far more accurate and difficult to evade but also require professional installation and tuning due to it's complexity. There is also a higher investment for this level of protection.

Passive monitoring relies on manual scanning of tags or the detection of tags through doorways or portals. Due to this it is inherently less accurate, but it also a much simpler and cost effective configuration when compared to an active monitoring solution.

Remote Facility Safety

Accidents on remote sites provide an especially challenging situation since help may not be immediately available. With an active RFID system and distress badges or keyfobs, your team can signal for assistance if they are threatened or find themselves in a situation requiring assistance.

Provide female employees protection from harassment, and warehouse staff protection against falls and collapses. 433 MHz active RFID systems work through concrete walls, steel, and even water up to a range of 2 kilometres (1.24 miles)) depending on the antennas and beacon at a consistent rate. They can also be configured to trigger alerts if movement stops, indicating the employee has a serious medical emergency.

Remote Location Management Safety
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