Personnel Tracking

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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset, People

Distress & Dangerous Situations

One of the most cost-effective ways to provide personnel such as your staff, students, patients, or guests with a reliable way to signal for assistance wirelessly is with RFID badges and buttons.

Distress button RFID tags can last over 8 years without needing a battery replacement. Furthermore, the tags report their battery level to the RFID readers, allowing you to detect an issue due to the tag disappearing unexpectedly or the distress button being pushed.

These tags have been successfully used in schools to protect students in distress as well as many health care facilities; badges ensure unstable patients stay within "safe zones." Others use it to allow elderly residents to roam freely yet maintain the security that if they need assistance from staff, it is immediately available. Hospitals have also used these tags as a replacement for hardwired call buttons.

RFID Distress Alarm Dangerous Situation
Emerrgency Evacuation Route Sign

Building Evacuation & Mustering Points

An often-overlooked benefit of RFID Access Control Systems that use Active Tag technology is that you can instantly know which personnel are still in the building in an emergency, and where they are. Details that can save the lives of personnel and first responders.

With new United States regulations mandating chenmical and petroleum facilities to have adequate off-site mustering systems, 433MHz Active RFID solutions  make compliance pain-free and as easy as possible.  SkyRFID  ensures muster points are not dependent on your resources inside the facility like servers or networking, and electical power, as these may become unavailable in an emergency rendering an inhouse  solution unusable.

Assuring safety when it's most important. Discover the possibilities for your facilities.




Event Management

Verify Attendees, Authorize Activities, Monitor Event

SkyRFID supports Event Management technology from entry to exit providing the data to support your business analytics needs to better serve your attendees. Whether you are an event management company or a company who needs to better manage your own events SkyRFID solutions fulfill requirements such as unique identification/authorization, flow visibility, security, and cashless payments.

Data and context enhance everyone’s experience – What do you need to know for your event to be successful? Capture more individual information to customize the visit of your attendees. Improve management of crowd flow, dwell times with time-series analysis to better support operational management. Reduce payment and information exchange times to enhance attendee experience.

- Cashless payments, Business information exchange, Map and monitor attendee flow and dwell, Verify and authenticate activities, Customize individual experiences

Tag solutions support wide array of identification – Improve attendee convenience by automating identification, access, and activities enabled by the appropriate tag. Increase data accuracy of attendees and event service usage and utilization. Reduce the risk of unauthorized participants in unauthorized areas.

- Badges, lanyards, cards, Bracelets/wristbands, tokens, Labels, key chains, keys, etc. or Your own unique ID

Reader/antenna solutions support wide array of collection – Your event requirements will drive reader selection to ensure engagement, range, and timeliness of data collection. Improve your data interoperability from event to your firm’s enterprise platform. Allow us to increase your range of data collection with multiple technologies integrated into one SkyRFID solution.

- Multi-port, multi-power configurations, Indoor/outdoor, industrial/commercial operations, Stand-alone, networked deployment architectures, Additional device and comms interoperability options

o NFC/Bluetooth supporting mobile devices

o MIFARE ISO 14443A/B (Classic, Plus, Ultralight C, DESFire, DESFire EV1, etc)  ICODE SLI, SLIX-S, ISO15693/18000-3

o EPC Class 1 Gen2 

o SkyRFID 433 MHz Ultra Long Range

RFID Event Manaement Eye on You!

Quality Assurance & Accountability

Passive or Active RFID badge systems can be used to automatically log certain employee activity similar to "signing off" you probably already do.

This allows you to streamline and automate production. These records can allow you to identify trends, compare productivity over time or between employees.

These employee badges can also be used to lockout equipment so that only authorized staff can use it, or perform automatic time & attendance along with building access control in one solution.

Quality Inspection and Accountability
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