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- Tracking On Vehicle Tools & Supplies -

The Elite Road-Warriors

The hard working men and women who keep us safe, respond to emergencies, and "turn the lights back on" when things go wrong. They spend a large portion of their day in their vehicles and depend on those vehicles and the equipment on-board to to do their jobs in a timely manner.

RFID mobile asset tracking systems help these hard and nails people simplify the process of stocking supplies and tools before their shifts. It also makes tracking down other fleet vehicles that have any specialized equipment required to complete a service call effortless.


Vehicle Onboard Assets

From fighting fires to supporting the electrical grid and beyond, utility trucks enable many of the invisible services we depend upon everyday without thinking about it.

It's critical that these vehicles be properly stocked. It could literally mean the difference between life and death for someone. Or the difference between a 5 minute service call vs a 5 hour outage for thousands of people.

Using RFID it's possible for these teams to know exactly what is in their vehicles before leaving, without having to spend valuable time doing a manual inventory.

These systems can be configured to keep track of who left, in what truck, with what assets. Or any combination of resources you'd like to track.

Fire Truck Inventory
Utility Truck Garage

Vehicle Occupancy & Distress Alerts

Save valuable time by knowing who's at the office and which people are teamed up in the feild. Passive RFID badges allow employeers to verify who left in each vehicle to streamline processes and workflow. This automatic log can ensure the safety of all employee in the event of an emergency.

Distress bracelet or badge tags allows employees to signal that they need assistance with the push of a button. By placing the readers for these tags on your vehicles you can ensure your staff are safe while on site working alone or as a team.

If your employee slips and falls, feels threatened or has any other emergency they feel they need backup for, the small red distress button can trigger any sort of alert. From a silent signal back to the office, to activating lights and sirens on the vehicle to draw attention from those nearby, or both.

Vehicle Availability & Fleet Tracking

From car dealerships to company fleets, knowing which vehicles are available, which ones are out for service and which ones are on the road can save you significant time searching for an asset.

The information available from an RFID system can ensure that vehicles are used evenly to prevent costly repairs. It can also ensure you have enough vehicles to meet demand, without having too many and wasting capital. Or track maintenance logs and identify which vehicles are proving the most reliable for you, and adjust your purchasing accordingly.

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