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The cold required to keep cold chain items viable also present unique challenges to technical solutions used in other areas. Electronics don't like being super cold and they especially don't like getting wet. We've developed solutions that overcome these obstacles and actually allow you to track them effectively.

RFID tags designed for cold product use are able to provide accurate reads down to minus 30°C (-22°F) or colder without being affected by ice or frost buildup like barcodes are. Active RFID tags can take things a step further and record the temperature of the item they are attached to.

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Container Temperature Monitoring

Active RFID systems break through the cost barriers of other solutions. By using active RFID for cold chain product temperature monitoring you can monitor the temperature of each parcel within the shipment to ensure it does go above or below safe temperature ranges

One RFID reader can detect all of the temperature tags within the container or truck. The reader can then be attached to a small computer, laptop or GSM/3G/satellite modem to report the information real-time back to your office. You can also have the temperature details report to the driver or ships captain allowing them to take more immediate action.

Automated Reports Delivery

Our hosted Cold Chain Management solution at SkyeSecurity provides the ability to automatically generate and deliver reports on a set schedule or event.

One example would be automatically delivering a report showing the temperatures recorded from each tag within a shipment from the time it was in your warehouse, through transit and upon delivery to their facility. That way both of you are completely aware of what condition the delivery was made in.

You could also schedule reports that show you other details where shipment may be getting held up due to some inefficiency. Or better plan order fullfillment based on factual details on how long each route or customer order takes to be delivered.

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