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Skye-Enterprises - Secure, Wireless, Enterprise RFID Asset Management

Skye-Enterprises - Asset RFID - is a highly intelligent, wireless, modular, automated business processes solution that efficiently manages and supports simple and complex supply chain networks for enterprise asset management.

Since Skye-Enterprises is modular, you can implement the core module and then add addtional modules as you see the savings making this solution very cost effective.

By eliminating redundant paper flow, Skye-Enterprises works with your team to perform day-to-day tasks, while optimizing service levels and maximizing profitability. Automated exception reporting and built-in smarts permit proactive management, while improving performance and accuracy.

Skye-Enterprises is engineered to operate with any web-enabled & Microsoft© Windows® compatible workstation or wireless computer, such as Microsoft© Windows Mobile 5.0® and Microsoft© XP Tablet PC Edition®. This robust system uses automated inputs such as bar codes, magnetic stripes, and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to dramatically reduce input requirements, while improving ease and accuracy of data collection. It manages all aspects of data transactions, for full tracking and tracing within local or remote facilities.

Employing Asset RFID technology provides for full supply chain visibility that reduces costs, eliminates errors and improves security, resulting in higher efficiencies.

Data security is essential to a business, and Skye-Enterprises ensures your privacy with several layers of data encryption protecting every transaction. Skye-Enterprises can interface in real-time to most legacy/financial systems and comes with a powerful report generator providing fully automated and user-defined data outputs for reporting on screen, printed, or importing into other applications.

When assets are mobile, field-oriented, or require scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance, Skye-Enterprises can be enhanced with SkyeWired, the mobile field service component for asset management. For more information about our SkyeWired mobile field service product, please see our web site at www.SkyeWired.com

With many years of specializing in providing wireless warehouse solutions to public and private companies, Skye-Enterprises is a powerful, highly automated solution covering all aspects of managing stores, warehouses, tool rooms, remote depots, substations, and more. By converting manual processes into automated operations, accuracy is improved, costs are reduced, and overall efficiencies are increased.

In real-time, Skye-Enterprises conveniently tracks all assets from point of receiving to its installation in the field and subsequent return for final disposition. It creates a database history for all assets and activities, readily accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its user-defined and automated reporting features easily allows you to view or print current and past data, the way you need to see it. Furthermore, in offering intense process improvement with built-in 'Best Practices', this powerful system allows flexibility and empowers personnel.  

Skye-Enterprises comes with complete automated controls for:  RFID Kit Assembly

  • RFID Kit Assembly Management
  • RFID Cycle Counting
  • Purchasing
  • Returns
  • RFID Tool Management
  • Vendor Performance Metrics
  • Warehouse Capacity Management
  • Forecasting and Seasonality
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Picking Optimization
  • Superceded Parts
  • Warehouse Performance Metrics
  • Work Order Bill of Materials Management
  • RFID Serial and Lot Number Tracking & Tracing


With Skye-Enterprises, a company achieves impressive results. This engineered asset RFID solution has proven to reduce operating costs by: RFID Asset Management

  • Providing accurate and timely inventory information and management
  • Accurately forecasting labour and material requirements
  • Precisely tracking labour and materials usage
  • Drastically reducing overall inventory levels
  • Optimizing picking patterns and increasing worker productivity
  • Identifying obsolete stock, eradicating unused inventory, and eliminating stock outs
  • Using bills of material variances to correct engineered costs vs. actual consumption
  • Remarkably reducing overtime labour costs for physical or cycle counting
  • Using scanning and RFID technologies to collect and verify data, speed up processes, and eliminate manual errors 

In addition to its full featured Asset RFID edition, Skye-Enterprises also comes in several other flavors including Utility specific, HVAC specific and Fulfilment specific.  Contact Us for more details and look for a complete web site specially for this exciting product coming very soon!

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