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Inventory Tracking

The first thing most people think of when you say RFID is inventory management, and for good reason. EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID was invented for this purpose and excels at it, turning months of manual warehouse inventory checks into a few hours if done with hand held readers. Fixed installations can completely removing the need for inventory checks by taking real-time inventories or tracking what enters and leaves certain areas.

As the technology advanced and was applied to more situations, anti-theft became a predominate demand for SkyRFID and purpose build solutions emerged. We now have many tamper-evident or tamper-proof systems that allow for the inventory and protection of jewellery, electronics, and medications to name some of them. We even have solutions for museums and high net-worth individuals to protect artwork or artifacts against theft.

Asset Tracking Inventory
Asset Tracking Equipment

Equipment Tracking

Many service based businesses and institutions depend on costly equipment to provide their services. Product based businesses similarly have high cost equipment they require to move the product around more efficiently.

Large items like an MRI machine or warehouse racking are usually tagged for completeness, but the real concern is mobile equipment. Forklifts, dollys, IV pumps, laptops and computers, and similar items which could disappear are usually the primary concern. With a properly configured RFID system, it would be possible to catch these items attempting to leave the premise and automatically lock the doors while alerting security.

Alternatively if you're expecting equipment to leave, RFID badges could be added which would allow assets to leave if associated with an employee badge. Creating a chain of custody ensuring that someone is responsible for the equipments return.

Tools Tracking

Manufacturing tools & maintenance teams around the world struggle with power tools and other equipment they require to do their jobs disappearing due to their universal usefulness. This unfortunately can result in huge losses for the company.

Tagging these items with RFID chips not only makes them easier to account for and introduce "tool check out" possibilities as mentioned above, it can also aid in locating lost tools left in ceilings or other less vibile locations.

Active tags allow assets to be located at ranges between 500 meters and 2 kilometers (1.24 miles). Passive tags with their lower cost can be placed on hand tools as well and provide ranges from 2 feet to 53 feet.

Asset Tracking Tools
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