RFID Animal Identification

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Livestock Tracking & Animal Identification

As we increase international trade, standards will continually be refined. With livestock those standards have undergone significant adjustment and expansion to ensure that disease and paracites are not brought into new countries. These new standards are documented as ISO 11784, ISO 11785 and ISO 14223-1 and are used across the United States, Canada, Australia and much of Europe and other areas as well.

RFID tags provide a simple and easy way to track the individual medical and breeding history of each animal; including reducing poaching.


How To Track Animals with RFID

With tags ranging from cattle ear tags, small animal ear tags and even bee tags, you can easily identy and track details about your livestock using processes already established.

The new livestock tracking RFID system includes the RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID antennas (if required), and software to organize your information. UHF RFID can be used in place of, or with ,GPS to track animal movements and travel habits if you choose.

RFID Tags For Bees
Cattle Tagged With RFID

Feed Control & Health/Breeding Records

RFID tagging of livestock can also automate routine tasks. For example, feed machines can be configured to dispense a certain amount of feed per animal, it can even be different per animal, ensuring that they achieve optimum growth and health.

Veterinary health and breeding historical records can also be directly included into the database, saving the hassle of manually sorting and organizing these details when it comes time to sell and transfer the anima.

Poacher & Theft Protection

Many household pets are now tagged with Low Frequency RFID so that they can be identified nationwide and returned home; reducing successful thefts. Livestock RFID tagging takes this same concept and applies it to the needs of their owners. The larger tags allow long-range technologies like UHF or Active RFID to be deployed increasing the read range to several meters or even kilometers/miles; reducing successful poaching.

By leveraging this extra distance you can setup systems to identify suspicious activity, such as animals leaving secure areas or approaching roadway gates or other farm boundaries.

Animal Theft and Poacher Protection
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