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RFID Access Control Management

Access electronic or simply put RFID automated access for door controls to buildings, departments, rooms, secured closets (wiring, PBX, etc.) and cabinets is very cost effective and secure to use. Many people do not realize how easy it is to implement card access systems such as card access door or doors using RFID readers and RFID Cards or Keyfobs for Secured Access Control Management. You can even use smart readers for computer rooms and securing individual computers!

In fact access based entrance and exits using access smart technology is rapidly becoming the way of the future for many businesses, government buildings, hospitals, museums and other establishments requiring secured but easy to control access solutions.


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Access based systems use either 125 kHz RFID or 13.56 MHz RFID readers, cards and keyfobs.  You can even have a system that is based on both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz so that you have a wide variety of security levels that can be quickly enforced.  Key and keypad based systems have a limited number of possible combinations that are easily counterfeited or copied and changes take time and money.

A card access door solution can be as simple as the picture below that uses a PC for card registration and reporting while the controller manages the entrance and exit system. Note there can be a keypad on the external reader for PIN numbers to override a No Card situation or for enhanced security.

  SkyRFID Single Door PC Access Control System Diagram

While credit sized RFID cards are usually employed in these systems, keyfobs are also easily and possibly more conveniently utilized by the users.  The RFID access solutions are  very easy to manage as once there is no more need for a card or keyfob it is simply a matter of cancelling the card or keyfob and you don't have to do anything else.  With key based systems you usually have to change the locks and reissue keys which is an expensive proposition if you have to do it a few times a year for changes in personnel.

To view some of our available card and keyfob RFID tags simply ABS Leather Keytag mouse click on the keyfob to go to our Access Tag Web Page .

Contactless access card systems provide excellent security and can easily be expanded or enhanced to also provide Time and Attendance information for business or security reasons.

           SkyRFID accessibility wheelchair button                 

Many business and governments are continually striving to improve handicapped access to buildings for the disabled.SkyRFID Wheelchair access button

Yet few realize what an imposition is is on these people who have to move their wheelchairs close to the wall to press the almost universal sign. After pressing the sign then they have to manoeuvre their wheel chair back to the opening door.

Not only does this take time it is also inconvenient!



It is far easier to provide an access smart card to the disabled and then they can simply wheel up to the door and it opens automatically for them!

No BUTTON to PUSH - Independance!


SkyRFID 125 kHz Hand-free Access Control Diagram

 Hands Free Access - Easy Simple and Secure!

For those who have multiple buildings and multiple doors you can use a single system and TCP/IP!

SkyRFID Network Configuration by TCP IP for Access Control Diagram

There is no excuse not to be able to provide Access Smart solutions for a very wide variety of buildings using a single card access door solution.

SkyRFID provides everything you need to build your access based, access electronic card access door solution.