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What Is Access Control?

Before we can discuss the options for RFID access control products and how to set them up, we should first clarify what access control is. Access control is any system that limits the ability to enter secured areas, usually for the purposes of privacy, confidentiality, or to protect assets.

Protection Of Assets By Limiting Contact

The most basic form of access control would be the lock on your home. This reasonably ensures that only people you want in can enter your house or apartment. Many people do not realize how easy it is to implement card access systems such as RFID door locks, or even automatic login to individual computers.


How Can An RFID Door Lock Help?

Although key or card access systems are incredibly common, not all methods of access control are created equal. Key and keypad based systems have a limited number of possible combinations that are easily counterfeited or copied and changes take time and money. RFID access control is much harder to "spoof" or trick as each person gets a unique access code which can be allowed, revoked, or time limited at any point by your office team. This provides great flexibility for contractors and day/night staff.

Another common benefit is the RFID access control and time attendance management can be rolled together. With each use of the RFID badge or fob recorded with a precise time stamp, and each person having a unique ID the system can accurately tell you when each person arrived and departed if you also require a "badge out".

Building Security
Secure Building Lobby

Building Access Control System

Card access systems are increasingly being used by property management firms as part of the secure building access control systems. Limiting the use of elevators, stairways, and entrance to suites as an additional benefit to tenants.

RFID can also ease access to buildings and suites for those with disabilities. Since the doors lock is already controlled by the RFID signal, the doors opener could also be wired to automatically open the door upon authorization. This greatly decreases the frustration for those with a limited range of movement.

Secure parking access is another common use for RFID. Providing the same granular control and record keeping over who and when that were mentioned above, you can protect yourself from liabilities and potential incidents.

Emergency Building Evacuation

In the event of an emergency an active RFID system with a mustering point can be used to ensure that everyone is out of the building. Providing rescuers with the details on who is still in the building, and where they are. Allowing them to do their job faster and with minimal risk to themselves.

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Access Control In Businesses

We've focused heavily on securing entire buildings so far. RFID access control also has smaller scale applications. Of course it can be used to secure server rooms or areas requiring security clearance. But as we've mentioned it can also protect and automate the login to your computers, or authorize use of vehicles like forklifts and trucks.

RFID Can Also Login To Computers & Safety Switch Vehicles

If you can think of something you'd like records of, or detailed control over who, when, and where something can be accessed; there is an RFID solution for it. Contact us using the form below to discuss your ideas.

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