Near Touch Technologies

- Secure & Reliable -

Technologies we've included as near touch are those designed to work with less than 15cm (6in) of space between the tag and reader. This highly restrictive read distance makes these technologies ideal for situations where you want absolute assurance; such as access control, payment and industrial machine operation / verification.


Arguably one of the most used RFID technologies, MIFARE can be found in many transit payment systems, building access controls, and event tickets globally. You've probably already used one of the 10 billion MIFARE tags sold without knowing it.

MIFARE comes in Classic, Plus, Ultralite, DESFire EV1, and SAM AV2 varients to meet different needs.

14443 read distance

14443 integrated security

14443 user memory


Near Field Communication (NFC)

A rising star in the payment processing industry due to it's inclusion in most mobile devices. This is the technology behind Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay. Of course this chip is highly protected on these devices to prevent abuse.

There are 3 operating modes for NFC; Emulation (where your phone emulates a NFC tag), Reader/Writer (The device asking for information), and Peer-to-Peer (Information sharing)

NFC read distance

NFC integrated security

NFC user memory

ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3 - ICODE

An open standard backed by NXP (Philips), the makers of MIFARE. They have brought some of the security of MIFARE into ICODE, and added the ability for some tags to hold EPC codes, or store information in their user memory.

They further advanced the technology so that it could be used for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), with read ranges of up to 6' (1.9m) given the right configuration.

15693 read distance

15693 integrated security

15693 user memory