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Our Corporate Profile

With our Dynamic Asset Management solution, SkyRFID has become the "go-to" resource for security and tracking for real-time management of high-value, critical assets.

Having 30+ years of continuous improvement toward providing full scope capability, SkyRFID’s differentiation is realized in our consistent and reliable quality, optimal-cost hardware components end-to-end real-time tracking and reporting solutions; all which includes our global consulting team supporting multiple industry verticals.

With its established global network of engineers, consultants, resellers and system integrators, SkyRFID has become the premier partner for developing, implementing, and managing enterprise solutions.

SkyRFID assists at any or all levels from technical design to implementation of hundreds of RFID, sensor, and IoT technology projects each year, using its Global Sky Partner channel of over 500 companies in more than 135 countries to service local implementations and support.

Main Vertical Application Markets

Weapons and High Value Military Hardware Tracking - Military, Police, Private Forces, Security, Manufacturers

Electronic Vehicle Identification for Vehicle Registration, Fuelling, Tolling, Border Crossing, Parking, Security, Fleet Management, Factory/Dealer Warranty Systems, Access and other vehicle applications

Security Access with or without Asset and Personnel Tracking for rooms, departments, single or multiple facilities, and remote sites 

Remote Site Asset Management for Utilities, Communication Companies, Equipment, Vehicles, Construction

Mobile Asset Management - Utilities, 1st Responders such as Police, Fire, EMS; Communications, Service and Repair, Vessels, Aircraft, Tour Groups, School Trips and other Events.  Virtually any assets or personnel that are mobile 

Port Management - Vessel and container tracking and identification, port security and safety, assets, personnel, access, container inspections

Industrial Asset Management focused on asset integrity, analysis, and maintenance for sectors such as Oil, Gas, Mining, and Heavy Equipment & Construction 

Storage & Logistics Management supporting asset and inventory for single or multi-site locations

SkyRFID provides security and tracking for all types of assets enabling our clients to make better decisions…with confidence.


Quality Assurance Statement

SkyRFID's Quality Assurance Program is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by producing the most technically advanced products with consistent and reliable quality, delivered on-time with impeccable service.  While management is fully committed to this goal we endeavor to achieve this goal by ensuring the focused participation of every Sky Partner is to "Do the job right the first time" 

SkyRFID views every project as a means to continuously improve and further advance the state of the industry in order to maintain its world class leadership position.

Our standard is  Zero Defects with error-free performance