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Our History

SkyRFID Inc. is a privately held Canadian company that has been providing automated data capture (ADC) solutions since 1983. Starting with barcodes and batch hand held systems SkyRFID moved to Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) wireless solutions in the late 1980's.

Early 1991 SkyRFID entered the world of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). We worked directly with the RFID manufacturers as there were no reseller channels established and RFID was just a barely emerging technology.

Costs of developing these new technology RFID systems were high and tag read rates were not very good and getting a 70% read rate was sometimes not attainable. We persevered for years working with the manufacturers debugging their hardware; which was usually in the breadboard stage and not really a finished product. Tags at that time were manufactured in such a manner that we could take apart and adjust and tune each tag in order to improve the read rate and overall performance. During those times we also made and hand tuned our own antennas as there simply weren't any commercially available antennas. While RFID technology was very adventuresome and we really learned at lot, it was also expensive, time consuming and it just didn't pay the bills. Many of our potential customers that expressed interest in the technology found that they just couldn't justify the cost of an RFID implementation. Only a few actually went on to install this new autoamted identification technology.

RFID 318 418 MHz Battery Assisted Tag
Mid year 1992 318 MHz RFID Tag

Today after 20 years immersed in this technology we can provide solutions that are cost effective and provide and excellent Return on Investment. Low Frequency moved slowly forwards with Industrial and Animal Tracking Applications being responsible for the main growth. High Frequency grew tremendously due to a lack of global standards and is now 50% of the entire world RFID production and implementations. High Frequency is the most common solution for cashless transactions - chipped credit cards, transit systems, and more. Ultra High Frequency really never grew until the ratification of EPC (Electronic Product Code) Generation 2 standards in mid 2006. Now UHF RFID technology is very solid and stable with new solutions emerging on a regular basis to solve problems that simply had no solution prior to the advent RFID technology.

We look forwards each day to assisting newcomers and making sure that they get the right system the first time and not the second or third time.

With all of this valuable experience in ADC and being on the ground level with RFID technologies in a diverse set of markets, SkyRFID can provide customers a wide choice of offerings ranging from a consulting engagement on using RFID to enhance a business process, to a complete state of the art turnkey solution. SkyRFID personnel have implemented ADC solutions in North America, Latin America, South America, Europe and many other countries. Using advanced technologies, multi-lingual personnel and strategic partnerships with seasoned resellers and systems integrators we are able to provide solutions and support to a worldwide audience.

SkyRFID is headquartered in Ontario, Canada and uses a combination of highly experienced trained staff coupled with advanced business technologies to ensure a continued superior customer experience. Some of our specialties in ADC include Asset Management, Document Management, Manufacturing, Weapons Management, Access Management, Warehousing & Distribution, Field Service, Fleet Management, Autonomous Tracking Management and Utilities - Generation and Distribution.



SkyRFID Inc is a leading global provider of RFID hardware, solutions and technical consulting. SkyRFID focus is on providing secured solutions for tracking and tracing of assets, inventory and people using Encryption, Wireless, RFID, GPS, Sensor and Biometric technologies.

SkyRFID specialty is the design, engineering and production of automated devices such as RFID/GPS/GSM/GPRS devices with sensors for vertical market applications focused on real time, secured autonomous tracking and reporting.

SkyRFID offers everything from a single technical consulting engagement to a complete turnkey international solution through its comprehensive reseller and systems integration network.


Mission Statement

SkyRFID Inc. will be recognized as the most progressive enterprise in the automated identification business. We will offer our customers cost effective solutions within specific geographical areas and market segments that can benefit from our services using a combination of technology based innovation, unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company, honesty, integrity and corporate social responsibility.

Conservation of natural resources and caring for our ecosystem are important issues to us and we try to bring products to our customers that reflect reductions in energy requirements and are RoHS certified where possible.

SkyRFID experts in data collection using advanced technologies to manage global customers.