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RFID Access Tag

SkyRFID has a wide variety of RFID access tags that you can use to access parking lots, buildings, offices, cabinets and more. 

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A few years ago most RFID access tags were either Low Frequency 125 kHz. or 134.2 kHz. for almost contact reads and HF 13.56 MHz. for the higher security and longer distance reads (approximately 1 meter).  While it is possible to get a foot or so read range from the LF tags the size required in order to do so makes it inconvenient to carry the tag in your pocket or purse. 

Since LF is still very popular for access control you can get a very wide variety of key ring tags (keyfobs) in ABS plastic, PVC or even leather!


Leather Key Fob    ABS Key Fobs   Low Frequency Key Fob   PVC Key Tags


We can also supply an ABS keyfob in either LF, HF or UHF!  Black Keyfob Most of the key fob type HF RFID Tags and UHF RFID Tags are used for RFID Door Lock access control for buildings and rooms.


For the executive or for upscale RFID controlled access buildings we now have a gorgeous Chrome and Black Leather UHF Gen 2 Keyfob with a spring loaded swivel to hold your key and allow access with a read distance of over 2 meters.SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 Black Leather Key Holder

When we first started RFID parking lot access control in the early 90’s we had to dig up asphalt and concrete driveways and put in underground antenna that were almost 4 feet square. Today we don’t need to do that as we can place the antenna in a secured place above ground and the reader can be hidden inside the building.

Many companies now want a specific access frequency such as the HF/UHF range for parking lot access where you need a longer read distance, a Low Frequency (125 kHz. or 134.2 kHz.) short read range for the main entrance and exit doors and another HF frequency vicinity or proximity read range (13.56 MHz.) for higher secured areas

A few years ago this meant that each person needed an LF RFID tag, and HF RFID tag and then a UHF RFID tag (3 types of tags) for access control and the company used 3 seperate systems to control all of that access.

Today we now have the UHF or 860 ~ 960 MHz. frequency that can be used for the parking lot access with a range of about 7 meters or 22 feet.  In addition to that we are now able to have 2 or 3 different RFID chips and frequencies in the same card RFID tag.  This is perfect for companies that have the need for 2 or more different RFID frequencies and want a single access tag.


LF HF UHF Frequency RFID Card This ISO triple (3) frequency credit card sized RFID tag is made of PVC and is super slim even with all 3 frequencies inside the single card. 

You can print logos or graphics on it, add a magnetic strip to it and even a signature stripe.  Looks like a standard credit card but in reality is a highly secured LF, HF and UHF Gen 2 EPC Global card. 

In many countries today these card RFID tags are being used to pay for food, transportation, groceries, shopping purchases and many other uses, as well as being the main access for the parking lot, and home.  

SkyRFID can provide you with almost any LF, HF and Gen 2 UHF chip combination that you need for your multiple access control demands.

And if you really only want a single frequency ISO card we can also supply that too of course!


RFID-ClamshellsWhen you want to have your LF, HF UHF or combination RFID card visible for photo identification and ease of use when you have multiple levels of security and many employees, contractors or visitors coming in and out of secured areas, you can use the clamshell

This card can have all or any of the ISO card frequencies plus you can have a lanyard type clip so you can have the card attached to a lanyard or an expandable belt or pocket clip like the one shown below.  

To see some of the many different colors available mouse over the card on the left. Clamshell Clip


We also have a wide variety of fixed readers in Low Frequency, High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency to support your new or updated access control solution - Security for Parking lots, buildings, rooms, cabinets, workspaces and more

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