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Gated Community Entrance

Access Control

SkyRFID has a variety of solutions to fit any access control project. We've designed thousands of systems for personnel and vehicle control which are in use globally; from gated communities in the united emirates, to protecting high security facilities on military grounds.

Our systems are designed to provide seemless access which is secure. That means we provide full Authentication, Verification, and Accountability (Auditable Logs Of User Activity). With adjustable options we can ensure the system meets all of your needs. From monitoring how long someone is in a secure area, to adjusting gate movement speed and open times.

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High Value Asset Protection

Private and public institutions globally count on SkyRFID solutions to restrict access, prevent movement and secure transit of important items. Whatever it takes to keep you in control of your assets.

Museums, Art Galleries, and Jewelers rest easier knowing they have real-time inventories of their facilities, using tamper-proof technology that can trigger silent alarms and lock-downs.

Military and Police facilities can track who has what materials, right down to individial bullets, for armories and evidence rooms. Enjoying the same tamper proof technology that can alert higher-ups to potential misconduct, or take more drastic action if desired.

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Weapon Tracking