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RFID Active Readers 433 MHz

SkyRFID 433 MHz Long Range Readers

Designed for applications in Transportation, Mining, Emergency Evacuation, Supply Chain, Petrochemical, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Gated Communities, Education, Military

Ultra Long Read Range of over 500 meters (1,500 feet)

For Short Range - 6 M 433 MHz Press Here

SKYR433HHLH1 Long Range Portable RFID Reader

SkyRFID 433 MHz Portable Reader


Designed for fast and automatic data collection for assets, vehicle and personnel ID tags.  See Active 433 Tag Page

Can be used as a tool for risk managment to collect tag information covertly.

Up to 30 hours of battery life per charge

Records first seen and last seen of every Tag ID received

Stores over 3000 arrival/departure transactions

Optional wireless bluetooth download version available

Small in size, ready to use with belt clip

Standard read range - 10 - 15 meters ( 30 ~ 45 feet)  Request Information



SKYR433SLH Ultra Long Range Serial Fixed Reader 

SkyRFID 433 Ultra Long Range Serial Reader


Compact in size: 110 mm X 63 mm X 22mm See Active 433 Tag Page

Low power requirements: Max 60 mA

Weight: 35 g

Up to 200 meters (600 Feet) with standard antenna - Longer Range with optional antennas for over 500 meters (1500 feet) See 433 Active Antenna Page

RS422 Multi drop serial network connection mode and TCP/IP Full Power Connectivity when used with SkyRFID High Power TCP/IP Converter

Serial RS232/422 for custom hardware solutions

Simultaneous multiple Tag read capability

Dynamic tag tracking

Secure Encrypted Transmission between Tags and Readers  Request Information

Optional Wiegand 26/32 bit for direct connection to access control systems - SKYR433SWLH


SKYR433TLH Long Range TCP/IP Fixed Reader

SkyRFID 433 Ultra Long Range TCP/IP Reader


Compact in size: 110 mm X 63 mm X 22mm   See Active 433 Tag Page

Low power requirements: Max 60 mA

Weight: 35 g 

Use existing LAN/WAN infrastructure for readers

Very low bandwidth utilization

PoE for easy power connectivity

Adjustable read range of up to 200 meters (600 feet) with with special antenna   See 433 Active Antenna Page 

Plus in tool kit for field programming and adjustments

Omni-directional and Directional Antennas available

Wireless Mesh Optional  Request Information



SKYR433STLH Serial Long Range Temperature Tag Fixed Reader

SkyRFID 433 MHz Temperature Tag Reader


Temperature Tag Reader is used specifically with SkyRID Temperature monitoring tags -See Active 433 Tag Page

Reader designed for remote wireless monitoring of frozen and chilled food storage displays, containers, storage rooms, etc.

Compact in size: 110 mm X 63 mm X 22mm

Low power requirements: Max 60 mA

Weight: 35 g 

Tags have a default transmission rate of 20 seconds providing an over 5 year battery life.

Hundreds of tags can be monitored with a single reader. 

50 m (165 feet) read range   See 433 Active Antenna Page

FCC, CE, RoHS, Tag and Readers conform to BS EN 12830:1999 for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep frozen/Quick frozen food and ice cream

TCP/IP connectivity - SKYR433TTLH, other connectivity options also available.  Request Information


SKYR433TCP - High performance 12 VDCSerial to TCP/IP Converter

SkyRFID High Power TCP/IP Converter The SkyRFID serial device server is designed to make our 433 MHz serial readers internet ready instantly - and at full power not 3 volts.  While we do supply a TCP/IP enabled reader with Power over Ethernet (PoE) that is only 3 volts for PoE so the maximum read distance will be reduced.

In order to allow for maximum read range we use this converter with our Serial Readers.

Supports 3 in 1 RS232/RS485/RS422 Serial Interfaces, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP and DHCP protocols

32 bit ARM processor, supports 10/100 Ethernet, Standard TCP/IP Socket



RFID Dual Frequency Short Range Active Reader  125 KHz and 433 MHz

SkyRFID 6 Meter Reader Active

Technical Specifications

Model 125 KHz:  Read range 50 ~ 60 cm, Built in Buzzer, 2 color LED, 12 VDC/200 mA

Model 433 MHz: Read range 6 Meters, Built in driver for external buzzer, 3 color LED, 15 VDC/300 mA

Model Dual Frequency 125 KHz and 433 MHz: Read range 50 ~ 60 cm with 125 KHz and up to 6 Meters with 433 MHz, Built in driver for external buzzer. 4 color LED, 12 VDC/300 mA

All Models

Output format: RS 485, RS232, Wiegand and others

Mounting: Surface mount or mounting bracket 

Dimensions: 270 mm x 270 mm x 39 mm (10.63 in x 10.63 in x 1.54 in)  Request Information

Weight: 2.0 Kg ±5%

Operating Specifications

Water resistant and dustproof - IP67 

Operating Temperatures: - 20°C ~ + 60°C

Humidity: 10~90 % rnon-condensing 


Vehicle Loop Detectors  &  Infrared Photobeam Sensors

Install your 433 MHz active reader system either by using a vehicle loop detector or an infrared photobeam sensor to detect approaching vehicles.  For new installations putting the vehicle loop detector is a great way to hide the automated detection under asphalt or concrete.  For existing gate and access sytems requiring vehicle detection you can simply use our inexpensive Infrared Photobeam Sensors. Either way you only need to activate the reader when there is an approaching vehicle which saves power and provides a longer mean time between failure for the reader.

SkyRFID Vehicle Loop Detector                                SkyRFID Infrared Photobeam Sensor

Vehicle Loop Detector                 Infrared Photobeam Sensor

Mounting brackets to complete an access door or vehicle gate implementation. 

SkyRFID Active Reader Mounting Bracket



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Handheld Active RFID Readers, Fixed Active RFID Readers UHF Frequencies

RFID Ultra High Frequency Active Readers and Reader/Writers 

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